Day 5: Ludlow, California

It’s been a good ride so far with one exception. A few miles back I was passing a truck, doing about 75 mph and there was a car a good ways back in the left lane. I assumed they’d slow if they needed to but they kept coming. I’d guess they were doing about 90 mph. They kept coming at the same speed and ran up about 10 yards behind me before they slowed. Meanwhile, I gunned the bike to about 80 and got back in the right lane while they zoomed past. Scared the bejesus out of me. So, I decided I’d take the next service exit, which was Ludlow.
I’ve always liked the name Ludlow. It’s mentioned in one of my favorite poems:
Terence, this is stupid stuff, by A.E. Housman
I particularly liked a few lines that I memorized years ago:
“Oh I have been to Ludlow fair
And left my necktie God knows where,
And carried half way home, or near,
Pints and quarts of Ludlow beer:
Then the world seemed none so bad,
And I myself a sterling lad;
And down in lovely muck I’ve lain,
Happy till I woke again.”
I couldn’t find Ludlow Fair at this exit but I did find a Dairy Queen and a biker gang who’s colors were:
Old coots on scoots.
They were a tough, mangy looking group, old as the hills like me, probably 15 bikes – Slingshots, Harleys, three wheelers and Indians. I waved as they left.
I decided not to try going to LA tonight as my son would be at work. So I’m heading to Barstow. Let’s see what excitement awaits!

Dads and Daughters and Heart Drives

Hannah and Her Dad

Hannah and Her Dad

Dads and Daughters and Heart Drives  

It’s been great these last few days visiting my daughter and her husband, of whom I fully approve. Not that my opinion matters, or should. She was raised to think for herself, to trust herself, to be independent and strong and to follow her own path. I told her that she was not in this world to live up to my expectations, though in fact she has exceeded them. I’m one lucky dad.

Bill is a great guy. Funny, witty, talented, kind, but most of all he’s great to Hannah. I love watching how playful and loving they are with each other.

It’s going to be hard to leave. Harder on her because all her family is so far away; I’m in Georgia and her brothers, mother and closest friends in Ireland. Thank God Bill is such a wonderful and supportive husband. I hope to be like him when I grow up.

But tomorrow we hit the road again. A bit of my heart will stay here and a bit of hers will go with me. In computer terms these bits go into our “heart drives”. That’s the way it is. Hopefully, the bit of my heart will remind her that she is always loved; loved simply for who she is, not what she does. The bit of her heart that goes with me reminds me that I am loved, no matter how silly, clumsy and lost I can be at times.

In about 12 hours we’ll be back on the Harleys again, heading up the Pacific Coast Highway while Bill and Hannah are back to work and school. But we are here now, savoring these last moments, storing them in our heart drives.